Use this map to find information about a town or area you would like to visit or simply want to know more about. The links will take you to the post corresponding to the location on the map.

  • The blue houses are places where I lived for a longer time.
  • Pink pins are places I have already written posts about.
  • Grey pins are places I have been, but have not yet had the chance to publish a post about.
  • Green pins are places I have concrete plans to see.

Over the last few years, I was lucky enough to not only live in Graz, Austria, where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Transcultural Communication but also in France and Spain. For the next few years, I have plans to see several Latin American countries to expand my knowledge of their cultures. Even though I already had the chance to get to know the East Coast of the US during my high school year abroad, I would also love to travel the center and the western areas of the country soon, seeing as they are said to be completely different. Take a look at my blog for more information!